I Can’t vs Impossible


I’ve come to accept that sadly, I don’t possess the ability to produce that jolt of motivation when someone tells me I can’t do something. It’s just not in me to be galvanized by very personal adversary, people that don’t believe in me, or ridicule. I’d love to be that hero, but I’m not. However, in the years it took me to accept that, I’ve realized something else about myself.. and that’s that I’m extremely motivated by things that are characterized as being “impossible” by…anyone. In other words, tell me I can’t do it, and I’ll believe you. Tell me NO ONE can do it, and I’ll show you it can be done.

I guess you could look at it as laziness, in that I’ll only step up to the plate if no one else is, but I’ve been long done with accusing myself as lazy. Perhaps, giving up when being personally shut down is my depression, and determination when facing the impossible is my still ever present, teenage rebellion. Rejection makes me order another shot while talks of the seemingly impossible makes me ask you to hold my beer. Or maybe it’s because the latter allows me to quietly hide behind the scenes as I work, while the former feels like the whole world is watching me and waiting to be proven right. I don’t really know. But I’ll just be over here silently kicking ass ‘till I make some noise.

What motivates you fine people?

~ by Keira Dazi on July 5, 2017.

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